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DVD, CD pour enfants implantés cochléaires (et porteurs de BAHA ?)

Je me permets de vous transmettre une information de l’association anglaise « The Ear Foundation », susceptible de vous intéresser.
Cette association vient de traduire en Français ses DVD et CD les plus populaires.
Ces supports s’adressent aux familles d'enfants sourds implantés cochléaires et eventuellement aux professionnels travaillant avec ces enfants. 
Je ne sais pas ce qui existe déjà en France actuellement.

Le contenu de certains CDs peut-il être utile aux parents d'enfants porteurs d'un système BAHA ?

Ci-joint les information en anglais pour ces 3 supports (si cela vous interesse mais que vous ne maitrisez pas l'anglais, merci de le signaler, je peux alors traduire) wink

The Ear Foundation has now translated a number of their popular resources into French and are available to buy from our on-line shop by visiting:

Music Time
Music Time is a  resource is for those working with deaf children at the preschool stage. It provides teachers of the deaf, pre-school leaders, music teachers and parents with a range of instrumental and musical ideas to supplement nursery rhymes and action songs. Each of the songs demonstrate a different area, and present different musical objectives, but the main key feature of all the songs is their flexibility and the need for them to be adapted to your situation. Each song also has different objectives for different age groups <2 years, 3-4 years and 5 years. So it appeals to a range of ages.

A Sound Start
This booklet has been written for the families and carers of babies and children under two who have recently received a cochlear implant. First section: we aim to give you some practical advice about how to look after and wear the processor. Second section: we will outline some of the changes we hope to see in your child's responses to sound in the early stages of learning to listen.  Third section: we will talk about how children learn to listen and talk. We want to show you how you can use your normal, daily routines to help your child make the most of their improved hearing. Fourth section: we will make some suggestions about activities that will help your child at different stages. Although it has been written for children wearing cochlear implants. However all the practical ideas and issues would be almost identical for BAHA children. E.g. encouraging communication, listening and spoken language.

STEPS again is a resource that can be used by professionals to share with families and includes an interactive DVD support for families of young deaf children with cochlear implants. The STEPS pack contains a DVD and booklet, Steps poster and record booklet.  The STEPS package aims to provide information and advice for the period of time following your child's operation when they begin to hear for the first time.  It describes the steps your child will take as they become increasingly aware of the signal, begin to listen to voices, to understand more of what you are saying and finally attempt words of their own.  The DVD consists of three films which each look at different aspects of the development of listening and talking

Available to buy from The Ear Foundation in French are:

•       A Sound Start 4.86€ (special offer)
•       Music Time 30.35€
•       STEPS 30.35€

To obtain a copy of these resources please contact Rachel Lightfoot, , you can make a payment via any of the following methods:
•        Website
•        Invoice (need to supply an address and purchase order number)
•        Cheque (made payable to The Ear Foundation)
•        Bank transfer
•        Visa/ MasterCard

Please contact us to ascertain the correct postage and packaging costs.

The Ear Foundation
Marjorie Sherman House
83 Sherwin Road

Tel:  0115 942 7805
Fax: 0115 924 9054

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